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Senior Research Fellow

BSc (Hons) MRes PhD

Emily’s focus is on high-grade glioma, the most malignant brain cancer that affects adults and children and by training she is a neuroscientist. During her career she has exclusively studied neurological and developmental disorders that effect children. She has committed to making a significant contribution to generating new and critical knowledge by working at word-class universities including the University of Cambridge, Columbia University and University College London.

Using her skills, knowledge base, and leadership she wants to bring experts from the cancer and neuroscience fields together to develop better and more innovative ways to deliver care that improves brain cancer patient outcomes.

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Selected publications:

Mende M*, Fletcher E.V*, Pierce J.P*, Schierberl K.C, Weinrich J.A, Pagiazitis J.G, Mendelsohn A, Francesconi A, Edwards R.H, Milner T.A, van Roessel P.J, Rajadhyaksha A.M, Mentis G.Z and Kaltschmidt J.A. Sensory-derived glutamate controls the GABAergic differentiation of presynaptic inhibitory terminals in mouse spinal cord. Neuron. 2016. *first authors.

Fletcher E.V, Simon C.M, Pagiazitis J, Chalif J, Vukojicic A, Wang X, Drobac E and Mentis G.Z. Reduced sensory synaptic excitation impairs motor neuron function via Kv2.1 in spinal muscular atrophy. Nature Neuroscience. 2017.

Desiderio S, Vermeiren S, Van Campenhout C, Kricha S, Malki E, Richts S, Fletcher E.V, Vanwelden T, Schmidt B.Z, Henningfeld K.A, Pieler T, Woods C.G, Nagy V, Verfaillie C, Bellefroid E.J. Prdm12 Directs Nociceptive Sensory Neuron Development by Regulating the Expression of the NGF Receptor TrkA. Cell Reports. 2019.

Vukojicic A, Delestree N, Fletcher E.V, Pagiazitis J.G, Sankaranarayanan S, Yednock T.A, Barres B.A, Mentis G.Z The classical complement pathway mediates microglia-dependent remodeling of spinal motor circuits during development and in spinal muscular atrophy. Cell Reports. 2019.

Lee M.C, Nahorski M.S, Hockley J.R.F, Lu V.B, Ison G, Pattison L, Callejo, G, Stouffer K, Fletcher E.V, Brown C, Wheeler D, Drissi I, Ernfors P, Menon D, Reimann F, St John Smith E, Woods C.G. Human labor pain is influenced by the voltage-gated potassium channel KV6.4 subunit. Cell Reports. 2020.

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