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Program Manager, HPER


Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1997 and Speech and Hearing Science in 2002. She is the Program Manager of the Health Promotion and Education Research Team at the Telethon Kids Institute, responsible for providing managerial oversight and coordination to a broad range of administration, research and translation activities. Melanie is currently managing three projects: Cyber Friendly Primary Schools (2019-2021); National Bullying Prevalence Project (2020) and Optimising the translation, implementation, and the scale of impact of Friendly Schools (2019-2020).

Melanie has 15 years of experience in public health project coordination resulting in the successful completion of eleven research and consultancy projects involving: qualitative and quantitative state and national data collection from parents, students and teaching staff; Intervention development and delivery to families, high school students and teaching staff in the area of parenting within a FIFO workpattern, bullying, covert bullying, cyber bullying; and consultation with stakeholders in education, health and tertiary sectors.