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Research Scientist, Drug Discovery Unit

BSc MSc DipEng

Areas of research expertise: Protein Expression and Engineering, Lipoprotein Metabolism, Proteomics, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Prior to her arrival in Australia, Danie was a Laboratory Technician for 10 years specializing in proteomics, biochemistry, and pharmacology at Genfit in Lille, France. Genfit is a biopharmaceutical drug discovery/development company working in the field of metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

During her time at Genfit, Danie attained a Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2009 from the Lille CNAM. Her report summarized the various studies on the role of microparticles in atherosclerosis and their potential use as novel biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases.

While still attached to Genfit, Danie came to Australia in 2010 to work at the University of Western Australia on her Engineer’s Title in Living Science and Technology. The diploma was awarded by EICnam in Paris in 2012 with a thesis on lipoprotein metabolism and biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases. She returned to Australia the same year to assume a position as a Research Officer at the Metabolic Research Centre for the University of Western Australia under Dr Gerald F. Watts, Dr Hugh Barrett, and Dr Dick Chan.

Preceding her engagements at UWA and Genfit, she held several positions including Laboratory Technician in Proteomics and Biochemistry at Inserm investigating the immunochemical quantification of amyloid β in cerebral aging and Alzheimer’s disease. She also has two other qualifications: A Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biology from Lille 2 University (2001); and an Advanced Diploma in Biology and Biotechnology from Lycée Privé d’Orion (2000).

With over 15 years’ experience, she has wide expertise in gel electrophoresis, flux cytometry, Western-blotting, ELISA, protein expression and purification, FPLC/HPLC, mass spectrometry: MALDI-TOF, GCMS, lipids biochemistry, pharmacology assays and cell biology.

In 2015, Danie joined the Drug Discovery Unit (Phylogica) as a Research Scientist specializing in Protein Expression and Engineering.