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Research Assistant

Bsc (Hons), Msc


Hamza is a Research Assistant for the Youth Mental Health Team at the Telethon Kids Institute. Hamza holds a Bachelor of Science with honours in Pedagogical Sciences and a Master of Science in Youth, Education and Policy. His passion and interest centre around early intervention and improving mental and physical health outcomes for young people so that they can grow up safely and in an inclusive society. He has experience in working with marginalised youth and developing intervention programs with the purpose of promoting engagement and self-efficacy.


He is currently working in the suicide prevention area on projects such as:

  • Identifying access to services in Australian communities impacted by suicide clusters using GIS modelling.
  • Evaluation of Roses in the Ocean Peer CARE Connect program for people with lived experience of suicidal behaviour.
  • The co-design of a Youth Safe Haven alternative emergency department model for young people experiencing suicidal crisis.
  • Development of Western Australia’s first residential alternative to emergency department (Youth Sanctuary) for suicidal youth.