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We never stop asking 'why'. Because we're on a mission to change children's lives.


When it comes to researching kids' health, no two 'whys' are the same. And, we're committed to answering them all.

Kids in the park

Why research matters

Research gives us the power to solve some of the most challenging health problems affecting our kids.

It helps us find causes, cures and therapies to ensure all kids have happy and healthy lives free from illness.

Research ensures sick kids receive the very best and most up-to-date, evidence-based, treatment for their conditions.

It gives us the knowledge we need to tackle social problems, change public policy and improve our communities.

Research is the key to seeing all children live happy and healthy lives.

Researchers in the lab

Why Telethon Kids Institute is so special

Our vision is simple: happy, healthy kids.

To achieve this goal, we're not afraid to ask the big questions or to take on the seemingly impossible.

With top scientific minds and world-class facilities, we’re finding causes, cures and therapies for a wide range of complex health issues and we will never stop asking the big questions for the sake of our kids.

No challenge is too great for our researchers, who have a relentless curiosity that helps us make kids healthy and happy.

Kids play games in the Telethon Kids Discovery Centre

Why we encourage WA's future scientists

Today's kids are the problem solvers of the future and we want to help encourage the next generation to love science.

That is why we have opened the Telethon Kids Discovery Centre at Perth's Children’s Hospital.

Our fun and interactive centre gives curious young minds the chance to learn more about how the body works, what causes disease and how scientists go about finding better treatments and cures.

The Discovery Centre celebrates the science that is happening at Telethon Kids, gives children visiting the hospital a break from the wards and inspires the next generation of scientists.


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